New Video – Buddha’s First Teaching

New Video - Buddha's First Teaching

Four Noble Truths for Kids

The teachings of The Buddha are timeless, but we are not!

Every generation and society has their own special circumstances which govern how we live and learn. So, while the timeless teachings remain as fresh and current as ever, the method of delivery has changed over the millennia.

Dharma Kids Collective strives to bring ancient wisdom to this generation of children in ways that they find entertaining and relevant.

We are delighted to present the first video in the series from our trusted partner Funfetti_art: Four Noble Truths.

What an auspicious place to begin!

Funfetti Art are also known for their posters and joyfully illustrated children’s books which are available in many languages. Click here to find out more.

Stay well and safe.
Kind regards,
Simon Thomas: Director, Dharma Kids Collective.

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