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Why Less Meat?

Less meat more love is a campaign aimed at educating the public about the benefits to the environment, to farm animals and even their own health when they choose to cut back on how much meat they consumed.

Did you know that producing one gram of protein by growing chickens in a factory farm causes 40 TIMES the greenhouse gas as producing the same amount of protein by growing beans or pulses? (Reference from Bruce Friedrich of Good Food Institute)

As of Thursday April 15, the Less Meat More Love campaign will be featuring an animation along with a portion of our song on electronic billboards throughout Singapore!

Why Music?

Songs have been a part of passing down wisdom and cultural information for all of human history. The stories that we tell our children through song will be planted in their hearts for many years to come. For example, the Blue Lion album presents ancient Indian wisdom in modern, catchy music that parents and children love to hear over and over.