Blue Lion Album – Buddhist Songs For Every Child!

The Blue Lion album and songbook is an international collaboration of acclaimed artists, and seminal contribution to the annals of children’s music. 

Harnessing the profound truths of ancient wisdom, these memorable songs offer entertainment, life-hacks and musical education to our precious kids.

With stunning contributions from renowned vocalists such as Sally Ann Triplett (2 times UK Eurovision winner) and Gary Dyson (Azukx, Manfred Mann) plus production by young dance track producer Jampal, this album breaks open a new genre of music for kids with deep underpinnings in Eastern spiritual tradition through rich offerings from various styles of music

Thanks very much to Alicja Zmigrodzka for the beautiful cover art

Artists Unite!

In this entertaining video,  Buddhist teacher, author and filmmaker Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche explains why it is good for children in this day and age to encounter the precious teachings of 8th century poet and sage Shantideva.

Following up on Rinpoche’s suggestion, a group of artists and authors have created a modern children’s book named Little Hero, which delivers Shantideva’s timeless messages in catchy, child-friendly verse along with colourful and entrancing illustrations. Thanks to a generous grant from Khyentse Foundation, this delightful volume is available in; EnglishSpanishFrenchPolishGermanItalian and Russian!
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